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Still using Notepad? And printf? We have a better solution!

  • Legit Log Viewer

    Rich and free log file viewer for any log format.

    Log Viewer supports numerous log formats: NLog, Microsoft Enterprise Library Logging, log4net, WiX, MSI and many others.

    List of supported log formats can be extended via simple XML configuration files.
    Read more about Log Viewer.

  • Legit Log C++ Library

    Free mature C++ logging library with log file viewer.

    It is lightweight, simple to use, yet feature-rich and customizable static lib to integrate into your projects.
    Read more about C++ Log Library.

  • Legit Log Parser SDK

    Custom log processing is easy.

    Log Parser SDK is set of .NET assemblies written in C# that parse and process log files for you.
    You would quickly implement custom log processing or even automate log analyzing, sorting, cataloging etc.
    Read more about Log Parser SDK.

Latest awards and recognition

October, 2012 we are proud to announce confirmed compatibility of our products with Microsoft Platform.

*Click the logo to navigate to the Microsoft Platform Ready website to verify logo validity.

Give Log File Viewer a try and we guarantee it will become a valuable tool for you!